Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons How Air Force Mistakenly Flew 5 Nuclear Warheads Across Country

News Item: Nuclear Bombs Mistakenly Flown Over US

10. Was going to ship them by truck, but FEMA has them all tied up, toting ice all over the country

9. Condi Rice is behind it, just testing out if she still has power or not

8. Two Airmen where in adjacent bathroom stalls .. .One started tapping his foot and next thing you know, the bombs are loaded and the plane takes off

7. Air Force thinks it happened on the day they had Kid Nation working for them

6. Incident has just been adopted by Vice President Cheney's Energy Task Force, so now classified and can't be discussed

5. The RNC set it up, to threaten Fred Thompson to make his god-damned announcement, already!

4. General David Petraeus wanted some props when he testifies before Congress next week

3. President Bush went on one his crying jags and ordered a hit on Iran to cheer himself up

2. Barbour Griffith and Rogers bought them, for leverage in their plans to install Ayad Allawi as the ruler of Iraq

1. Cheney's Cheney David Addington couldn't wait any longer to take out the FISA Court

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