Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The PetraeusReportpalooza: "After two days, no answer to 'how this ends'"

Well, Well, Well ...

For all the build-up... All the hype... The sprinkling of the Pixie Dust... The months of "Wait For Petraeus" ... "Wait For September" ... The Photo-Ops... The Dog-and-Pony shows...

It all boiled down to this;

McClatchy Newspapers: After two days, no answer to 'how this ends'

And the money shot;

The Nation - Petraeus: I "Don't Know" If Iraq War Makes U.S. Safer

Doesn't it just want to make you scream "Help Me Mr. Wizard?"

Drizzle, drazzle, dradle, drone ... The highlights

Sniff ... Sniff ... Can You Smell A Turd Blossom?

Think Progress: Is Petraeus’ Drawdown Part Of The White House’s 2008 Political Strategy?

You'll Want To Get In Line For The Time-Shares

TPMmuckraker: How Does the Anbar Shift Relate to Reconciliation?

They Kicked Him In The Gut, and Then Knocked His Teeth Out For Mumbling About it

Washington Post: Senators Take Petraeus, Crocker to Task

Now, Joe, Did You Come Up With That All By Yourself, or Did You Pull It Out of the Water Bucket Your Carrying?

TalkLeft: Lieberman Asks For War With Iran; Petraeus Turns Him Down

And Here's A Shout-Out To The Vice-President

Andrew Sullivan: The Surge's Real Target: Iran?

Hey, You're Stepping On Friedman's Turf, With That There, Buster

'Eugene Robinson: Six Months' Without End

Who Can I Turn To ... When Nobody Needs Me

Ezra Klein - The Dispensable Man: David Petraeus has admitted David Petraeus doesn't matter. Will anyone believe him?

Bonus Links

The PetraeusReportpalooza

"And Now We Come To The Sanity Clause ..."

GIVE ME A "P" ... GIVE ME A "E" ... GIVE ME A "T" ... GIVE ME A "R" ... GIVE ME A "A" ... GIVE ME A "E" ... GIVE ME A "U" ... GIVE ME A "S" ...

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