Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Editor's Note: No Drum-Banging Rabbit Around Here

Good Evening Garlic Fans

Lo Siento, as there hasn't been any posts today (and none coming in this final hour).

Tough day on the homefront, including follow-up doctor visit for the Aunt, has left this writer drained, and energy-less (not to mention not being able to kick-start the creativity end of things).

And that means (hopefully) a productive day tomorrow ...

Still have rage over Nancy OffTheTable and Stagnet Hoyer ... The New French President is back on these shores ... And the Bush Grindhouse's fictitious Freedom Train running off the tracks in Pakistan offers so, so much to get into ...

And, if you're wondering why the Bush Regime isn't anything like the Nixon Titantic, it's become breathtakingly simple;

No Bagmen!

Spencer Ackerman/TPMmuckraker: U.S. Aid to Musharraf is Largely Untraceable Cash Transfers

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