Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard Backstage at Saturday Night Live, With Brian Williams Hosting

News Item: Brian Williams, Showing That An Anchor Can Be Light

10. I thought Katie Couric was hosting

9. Is he the one that always ends his show with "And that's the way it is ..."?

8. Please, someone, keep him away from me ... He's been non-stop with the "pointers" for Weekend Update

7. I heard he does a killer Rita Cosby impersonation

6. Is he hosting to help our ratings, or is his hosting supposed to help his ratings?

5. I heard, if he's really bombing, the network is going to cut us off with a "Breaking News Bulletin" and he bugs outta here ...

4. Is he the guy with the Harlem restaurant thing?

3. I think he's confused ... He keeps asking where "Earl" is ...

2. He got kind of pissed off when I asked him how come he doesn't do that "Where In The World" thing, like Matt Lauer

1. I thought Tom Brokaw was hosting

Williams got to host Saturday Night Live, only after beating General Wesley Clark and Senator Chuck Hagel in a bare-knuckles fistfight, winner-gets-to-host competition

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