Friday, November 09, 2007

Good Post Alert - Barry Crimmins' "Good stories, told well"

While most of the press is concentrating on which celebrity delivered donuts to the picket line, or, that celebrity who is carrying a picket sign, you might come away from these reports without realizing that a real life struggle is taking place.

We talk, of course, about the Writer's Guild of America's strike, against the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers.

Another attempt to screw the television and movie writers out of hard-earned income, the people who, historically, have continually had their employment roles firmly written to the bottom of the money pile.

Well, fear not, there is an article of substance out there, and it's Barry Crimmins, in true Hollywood fashion, riding in on the white steed to slap down the bad guys.

"As bad as television seems, what's good about it hinges on quality writers. Writing has always been hard work but it's become much more difficult over the last twelve years because the networks now own big chunks of all the shows they air. Nitwit suits are leaving their greasy paw prints on every phase of production. If these useless parasites were eliminated from the workforce, things would only get better and plenty of cost would be cut."
Check out his Good stories, told well

And, whether is is financial, baked goods, a cold drink, or honking your car horn as you pass the picket lines, throw your support to the writers.

You'll feel good about it, especially when you see - hopefully - less moronic reality shows on the boob tube in the coming future.

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