Wednesday, January 02, 2008

No Wait, It's Not Thompson Who's Going To Save The Country, It's Now Michael Bloomberg ...

Or, Bipartisanship: Conservatism In Bloomberg Clothing

We're less then 24-hours away from Iowa, giving us, and the world, the first glimpse in our 2008 Presidential Pageant, and who our next leader may be (before moving on to that other metropolis, New Hampshire), but the waves of discord are already crashing on the shores.

With Fred Thompson's ship never really leaving the dry dock, the rightwing (and, perhaps, the middlegrounders) are in a tizzy over the sad state of affairs our politics are.

They continually site "partisan politics"rather than come out and point to the nightmare and disaster the Bush Grindhouse and Regime has wreaked on, not only this country, but nearly the entire globe we live on.

And they had willing accomplices - the Republican Majority - and still have them, even in their minority status, to browbeat and smear the Congressional Democrats into whimpering pussies (and trust me, that is purely the Dems fault. As we have pointed out, they are the ones running the Blank Check Club)

So, instead of putting it in the proper context, it's not a repudiation of the Republican policies, the one Uber Party Rule, the corrupted Department of Justice, the failed response to hurricanes, a revision of the raped environmental and energy policies, the secret, shadowy government, the fix is to come from further browbeating, the operative word being "bipartisanship"

And, somewhat suddenly, New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg (perhaps, his hold of that office is the reason he's not described as a "media mogul"; Or, as Chris Bowers refers to as Aging Wealthy White Men for National Unity Under Billionaire Media Moguls - AWWMNUUBM for short) is being hoisted on shoulders as the flag carrier for the new day.

If you want a good view of a bipartisan country under Mayor Media Mogul, here's three Must Reads that should keep you off that purple brick road;

Glenn Greenwald: Michael Bloomberg: Trans-partisan savior

Digby: Bipartisan Zombies

Barry Crimmins: Turd Party

Oh, please, spare me ... Spare us!

It's bad enough we have one NYC Mayor running for President, we certainly don't need another, even if it is Hizz Honor, Mayor Media Mogul.

Bonus Bipartisanship Enlightenment

The Carpetbagger Report: Bipartisanship for the sake of bipartisanship

Sandy Levinson/Balkinization: Will They Ever Connect the Dots?

Tristero: Actually, It's Not That Hard

Rare photo of Mayor Media Mogul receiving a Bipartisanship lesson from one of the legendary masters of it, The Commander Guy


Andrew MacRae said...

So your philosophy is that you are 100% correct and that if anyone thinks different than you should denigrate them?

13909 Antiques said...


Thanks for visiting The Garlic and commenting ...

Absolutely not ... However, when they start attempting to sell us this BS, and Bloomberg as the chosen savior, that warrants comment and exposure ...