Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Other New Years Resolutions President Bush Is Planning On Making

News Item: Bush Pledges to Keep U.S. Economy Growing in 2008

10. Come up with new nickname(The Commander Guy is getting stale)

9. Get President Musharaff to call me first, instead of Dick Cheney

8. Gotta do something ... Even I have Bush Fatigue

7. For staff, pardons, not commutations (Remember: Got one to make-up for Scooter)

6. I'm puttin' it down again this year ... This is the year! ... Get inside Dick Cheney's office

5. Not be so dependent on "The Google"... Start using "The Yahoo" more

4. If I can only succeed with one New Years' Resolution, it's gotta be getting the Telcoms Amnesty

3. Attend those weekly History briefings, with Dana Perino

2. Start, right on January 1st, a new "Ek-A-Lec-Tic" Reading List

1. Stop saying "Hello, Mama!" everytime Condi comes into the office

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