Sunday, December 30, 2007

Three For The Road To Democracy (And How To Make SUV Sunroofs Safer) ... Perrin and Crimmins ... And Perrin Again ...

There's a boatload of great reports and posting on the situation in Pakistan (suggest you visit Memeorandum and use their Archives feature, pulling up the posts over the past few days; And there's a new-kid-on-the-block, Megite you can check out) - and the reaction to it here, by our media, and the dwarfs, finks, phonies and frauds running for President.

Both Barry Crimmins and Dennis Perrin ring in with a few that definitely rank high on the list.

Perrin asks, What Can Red, White & Blue Do For You?, and to give you a good idea where he takes this ...

"Suddenly, everyone's an expert on Pakistan, or at least a mourner of Benazir Bhutto, who, for some, is swiftly becoming the Princess Di of the Near East ..."

Crimmins weighs in with "River City, Pakistan";
It gets even funnier, in an awful sort of way, when you consider that even though Pakistan matters it doesn't matter because Hillary Clinton clinked glasses with Benazir Bhutto or John McCain spoke with her a few times. It certainly doesn't matter because Rudy Mussolini wants us to live in perma-post-9/11 fear. And it really doesn't matter because shameless American politicians' first instinct is to bask in what they see as the reflected glory glistening in a pool of Pakistani blood.

We're literally being told, "See, things happen in this world-- which is exactly why I should be in charge of it! How much clearer can this be made to you?"

Then, there is, arguably, the best, deadcenter and most poignant, post that, in its' succinctness, sums up perfectly the warped, phony Bush Grindhouse (and the Condoleezza Rice Ballroom Dancing & Charm School) Pakistan/U.S. Foreign Policy (historically), Democracy-In-A-Box (no assembly required) from Dennis Perrin;

Pakistan's Shame

Both are good, insightful posts and worthy of adding to your reading list.

Barry Crimmins: I'm surprised we haven't seen one of the candidates reprise the Iowa-based Music Man. Friends we've got TROUBLE -- right here in River City. TROUBLE with a capital 'T' and it rhymes with 'P' and it stands for 'PAKISTAN!'


Anonymous said...

From a recent interview with Fatima Bhutto:


Q. What about you? Who do you like?

FB: I have to say I like Obama a lot. His record is the best. He's always been vocal about his opposition to the war in Iraq. And he's speaking out against the Patriot Act. Frankly, he seems very good in a lot of ways. Whereas with Hillary, if you look at her record, it doesn't support what she says now. If I could vote in the American elections, Obama would get my vote.


Let's see Hillary use that for propaganda purposes!

GDAEman said...

Rudy Mussolini? I thought it was Adolf Giuliani.

My take on the Bhutto assassination.

Cheery subjects for the end of 2007. Hope 2008 treats you well.