Wednesday, March 19, 2008

No Intel Inside

Some of that dip on Wall Street has to be the result of Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman (freshly shipped from eBay) joining the John McCain Campaign.

I thought these two were among the brightest and sharpest woman executives?

Two of Silicon Valley's shiniest?

Actually, having Carly Fiorina on your campaign, getting intelligence on whomever shouldn't be a problem.

Not sure the other members of the campaign team aren't a litte nervous.

If you see them sweeping their telephones, or running outside to use the pay phone in the gas station or donut shop across the street, you'll know that Carly has them spooked.

But if she learned her lesson well from HP, then she'll be bugging the gas station and donut shop telephones as well.

Perhaps, getting the equipment on the cheap, from a certain on-line auction, that a certain new addition to the team has a bit of knowledge about will help.

But if they are seeking help, the call for such may be enormous.

Another piece of evidence on that there's No Intel Inside is the Maverick Man himself.

Here's Johnny Boy McCain should start booking himself to speak at footwear conventions, mostly due to he's had his foot in his mouth for the better of three days now

The hands down favorite phrase to come out of this so far is this;

"...Of course, right now I’m less worried about Bush the First and Bush the Second than I am our would-be Bush the Third, John W. McCain, a man who can’t seem to tell Shi’a from Shinola ..."

The Commander Guys' surrogate son flew off this week to Iraq, to, ostensibly, burnish his foreign policy credentials and, if what we have seen so far, send this guy to Summer School!

A correspondence course ... Flash Cards ... Something ...
Oops! He Did It Again: McCain Confuses Iran/al Qaeda Link In Speech Marking 5th Anniversary of Iraqi Invasion

McCain has, both verbally, and his campaign, in writing, has spoken of Iran training Al Qaeda operatives, then sending them back into Iraq to wreck the country, attack our soldiers and just commit overall terrorism.

Only, there a wee, little problem with that.

Iran, and the majority of Iraq, is Shiite.

Al Qaeda is Sunni.

Since Flyboy was in the Vietnam war, someone on McCain's Campaign should explain to him that, with what he keeps saying, it would be equivalent of the North Vietnamese wanting to send their soldiers to the USA, for training, to go back and fight in South Vietnam.

No way, Jose.

And then, just it case it does sink in, have a staffer stand by the Senator, in case he smacks himself upside the head too hard, that he falls over.

And this is the guy that Hillary Clinton placed ahead of Barack Obama as having passed the Commander-in-Chief threshold and will up-and-ready on Day One!

Holy Cow! ... I'd like to hear that telephone call at 3AM.

It will be a sin, if SNL doesn't run with that skit again, Hillary in mudpack and curlers, getting a telephone call at 3AM, only this time it's McCain, asking her, pleading with her, to explain to him the Shiite-Sunni thing.

In the news report, about McCain's trip to Iraq this week, it was stated;
In January he reaffirmed his support for the deployment of thousands of additional US troops in Iraq.

"When I raise my hand and vote to send young men and women, American men and women into harm's way and fight a war, I am committing to accomplishing the mission," McCain said, putting himself in stark contrast to Obama and Clinton who are seeking troop drawdowns from Iraq.

Yeah, Jesus, but can he tell them who the enemy is? Who they will be, or should be, fighting?

If he's this confused, eight-months before the election, and if he were to win, can we trust that he would even know what country to deploy the troops to?

The Garlic had previously stated that the Democrats could nominate and run the dead guy from "Weekend at Bernie's", and win hands-down in November.

It would appear that the Republicans have beat them to the punch.

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greta said...

Carly Fiorina and Meg Whitman’s involvement with the Senator will surely guarantee a Democratic victory as his judgment is more than questionable.

Both women want to be in politics and expressed interest in being the Governor of California. Their motives are, usual for them, self serving.

Isn’t it time that no other American fall victim to their schemes? Haven’t they caused enough damage?