Sunday, May 04, 2008

Al Giordano: Let Operation Anti-Chaos begin!

Probably, the one true voice writing about this years' presidential election, Al Giordano has another gem today.

Operation Anti-Chaos: The Narrative on "White Voters" Is Fiction

Al, for one, is not getting fooled by the Clinton Machine's sniper-dodging, 3AM, and Day-One-Ready, Fool's Gold candidate.

They've swallowed the Clinton racially-obsessed spin, hook, line and sinker. Some, because they are gullible, haven't an original idea in their little pea brains, and follow the pack of what everybody else is talking about. Others, because they like to toss around knowing falsehoods. Nary a superdelegate can go on Fox News without being berated by an anchorperson screeching (this is pretty close to an exact quote): "But your duty as a superdelegate is to select the most electable and that's Hillary Clinton!" That these anchorpersons are Republican partisans openly cheering for Senator Clinton is our first clue of the game afoot.

What, where does this man get, if he's not drinking Hillary's, this clear, untainted, Kool-Aid from?
So imagine my pleasant surprise this morning to see a New York Times columnist, Charles Blow, who did what none of these chattering lunkheads have done. He looked at the hard data of how voters, white and black, view the two Democratic candidates - favorably or negatively? - and how those views have progressed over time.

Wait. The numbers show that the cynical effort to turn the 2008 campaign into a race riot has hurt the popularity of one candidate among an important demographic, and it's not Barack Obama:

Those facts won't stop many media (and Internet) talking heads from continuing - whether out of gullibility or intentional dishonesty - to prop up the "white voters" narrative, but it ought to inoculate you, kind reader, from believing it.

Read all of Operation Anti-Chaos: The Narrative on "White Voters" Is Fiction and get hip to Al Giordano

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