Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Editor's Note ... The Pearl Is In The River ...

Good Morning Garlic Fans

We hope you are all well, on this very sunny, fine day here in the Northeast.

Well, our latest episode of the Elderly Aunt is wrapping up, as she returned home from the hospital yesterday, all repaired, healthy and more than happy to be in her surroundings.

Now, back to getting in the routines.

I wish I could say my low posting over the past week was due to a relaxing, restful, totally-chilled out vacation.

It was anything but that, with long days, doctor consultants, family updates and light sleep.

So, I hope to get something up today, as I did endeavor to stay plugged in to what was/is going on (and absolutely not looking forward to the unending loop that started last evening, of when Hillary bows out, with every blowhard pundit offering every possible scenario, regardless of how plausible it may be).

It may take a day, or two, to get back in-stride, so hang in there.

As always, many, many thanks for visiting and reading The Garlic


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