Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Barr To Lead Libertarians; Is Operation Chaos II Coming Down The Pike?

A convention with the candidate winning on the 6th ballot.

Boy, that must have sent a thrill up Hillary Clinton's leg, daydreams of what could be, if she decides to wield the flamethrower in the Democrats nomination process.

The winner of this battle was Bob Barr, taking the nomination, to run for President, with the Libertarian Party.

Yes, that Bob Barr, the former Congressman from Georgia.

The Bob Barr that was a flag-carrier for Bill Clinton's Impeachment (start drawing up the pictures, if Hillary is able to steal the nomination away from Barack Obama, how this will galvinize, not only the GOP, but the Barr-led Libertarians).

If Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain thought the Ron Paul crew was going to be a pain-in-the-ass, he now has to look over his other shoulder, with Bob Barr hammering away at him.

From Dana Milbank's "A Spoiler, by Way of the Dairy Case";

If this makes Barr a spoiler, he doesn't seem to mind. "I daresay that those people who would be inclined . . . to vote for Bob Barr as president would not likely fall into the category of people who would be enthused about voting for John McCain -- if such exists," he said with relish.
And this, from Steve Benen;
Noah Millman had an item last week in which he argued, “I’m becoming increasingly convinced that Bob Barr’s candidacy could have a significant impact on the 2008 election.” He makes a compelling case, not that Barr could actually win a state or electoral vote, but rather that Barr will be in a position to draw votes from John McCain by appealing to disaffected Republicans.

Hmmm ... Double that bet on McCain's infamous temper surfacing, more-and-more, during this campaign.

And what will the RWFS do?

Does the "Cheeseburger that sweats" (H/T Barry Crimmins), who has done his share of hammering McCain ("Limbaugh: McCain Out to Destroy GOP for 2000 S.C. Defeat"), fire up Operation Chaos II, sending his flying monkey army of dittoheads out to support Barr?

Now, there's still plenty of time for Stumblin' Bumblin' John McCain to go into fourth-gear, on his pandering, once he clears the To-Do List of going out and buying himself another (presumably one without doom-and-gloom, anti-Catholic, anti-Gay and anti-Israel YouTubes) evangelist.

We have said for some time now, how much fun this election is going to be, and the SB John-Ron Paul-Bob Barr sideshow should yield many-a-nugget over the summer.

Stay Tune, Bat Fans

And Hillary, stoop drooling ... You can't reasonably expect to draw the support for a six-ballot nomination, no matter how much you, and your husband skew the facts.

Bonus Barr Links

John Cole: Bob Barr for President
Being the nominee for Libertarian party is kind of like being the star slugger for the Pittsburgh Pirates. Sure, you are in the game and everything, but you aren’t getting anywhere near the title.

So, yeah. While there are certain core aspects of the libertarian message I feel are very important, you have to recognize what voting Libertarian really is- a protest vote.

Cliff Schecter: Bob Barr Officially Becomes The Libertarian Party Nominee

Josh Marshall: Barr

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