Thursday, May 29, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard In Bush Grindhouse, Over Scott McClellan's New Book

News Item: Former White House spokesman: Bush used 'propaganda' to sell war

10. Mr. President? ... It's the rocking-chair company... They want to know the new name you want on the other chair

9. Was Scott the one that gave Jeff Gannon the White House Press Passes?

8. Anyone check it see if he's an illegal immigrant?

7. No Dana, of course it's different... We've always kept you in the loop ...

6. No, Mr. President ... Yes, it is a book, but we wouldn't call it Ek-A-Lec-Tic

5. Mr. McClellan, this is the Vice President's office calling ... The Vice President would like to know if you are free this coming weekend, to join the Vice President on a hunting trip

4. We don't want this one coming back on us ... Check all the records for the President saying "Heck of a job, Scottie"

3. Any word back from the Minneapolis Airport? ... Did you tell them to look at all the security camera footage, for McClellan going into the Mens Room?

2. Anyone call Fox yet?... Tell them we want, two, maybe three-weeks of hit jobs

1. Worry about the media? ... They'll eat up our Iran bullshit like happy soup - Just like they swallowed the Iraq stuff

Bonus Beam Me Up Scottie Links

Trex: When Good Droids Get Mad, Go Bad, and Get Even

Scarecrow: McClellan Throws Bush, Cheney, Condi, Rove, Libby, . . . Under Bus

Barry Crimmins: A Dim, Shiny Liar

emptywheel: George Bush Authorized the Leak of Valerie Wilson’s Identity

Phoenix Woman: Complicit Enablers

Will Bunch's Attytood: UPDATED: We need an investigative reporter to investigate the reporters

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