Friday, June 13, 2008

Little Russ Gone ...

My, My, My ...

Timmy Russert has shuffled off to that big, beloved, bilious Buffalo in the sky.

I will, in all likelihood, do a Garlic Obit on this later, tomorrow, or at some point, however, we have to get this down now.

I had been working when the first NYT News Alert dropped in (Fri 6/13/2008 3:29 PM), with the startling news - "Tim Russert Is Dead of a Heart Attack, His Family Says".


Talk about it being Friday the 13th!

Since I had the television on, and tuned to MSNBC, I whipped around and they had some flood story on, then David Shuster came back and they went off into a political story (or vice versa) ...

Strange, I thought, that they weren't breaking with the news.

It must have been another 3+ minutes before the blaring graphics and fanfare of "Breaking News" filled the screen, and, while expecting Shuster to level with the news, low-and-behold, it was none other than retired anchorman, Tom Brokaw.

And I immediately began laughing, hysterically.

No, not at the news of Timmy passing away, but rather of the old Saturday Night Live skit, with Dana Carvey impersonating Brokaw, taping, one-after-another, breaking news notices on the death of President Gerald Ford (he hadn't passed away yet).

Unbelievably sublime ... And, hysterical

And here it is;


It's wall-to-wall tributes on the television, as well as out on the World Wide Web.

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