Sunday, June 08, 2008

Something Cool

A little treat today, especially if you are in the Northeast (as well as other locations), where we are in Day 2 of an expected four-day heatwave (90+, and very humid).

Since I couldn't find a YouTube of Carmen's McRae's "Heatwave", we go in the other direction.

June Christy.

Christy made a name for herself with the Stan Kenton Orchestra (you can check her out here, from 1945, on 'Tampico'), back in the day of big bands, with boy or girl crooners, before striking out on her own (dig her here, accompied by Nat King Cole and Mel Torme - on drums - with 'How High The Moon')

She may not be on the same rung with Ella, or Sarah, but she is, in my book, definitely, on the ladder, and way up there.

Here's June Christy with 'Something Cool

And, since we mentioned Stan Kenton, and you like the heat, a bonus treat of the Kenton Band, circa early 1970's, from a concert in London, with "El Manisero", otherwise known as "The Peanut Vendor".

Stay Cool, however you do it ...

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