Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Retro Garlic: I Phone, You Phone, We All Phone For The G3 Phone ...

Well ... Someone had to be first, ponying up that extra $400 bucks last year ...

3G iPhone will be available next month for $199

Apple CEO Steve Jobs on Monday celebrated the iPhone's one-year birthday a few weeks early by unveiling a cheaper and faster version of the device that is part phone and part mini-computer.

The widely anticipated announcement of a 3G iPhone - dubbed 3G for AT&T's "third generation" network - at Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco was greeted with the kind of enthusiasm found at rock concerts. The new iPhone will be available July 11 in the United States and 21 other countries for as low as $199, down from $399. When the original model was released June 29 last year, it cost $599.
You can watch the video of it Here ...

Or, find out The Really Big Thing About The New iPhone, Here ...

While this new iPhone was rumored (and, like Hillary, inevitable) back last November, but, of course, it was shrouded in that infamous Steve Jobs secrecy.

Like only a handful of others, The Garlic has broken many a scoop when it comes to Apple.

So, to enlighten all those new G3 owners, we'll take a stroll down Retro Garlic Lane, to check out a few ...

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