Wednesday, August 20, 2008

In The "Holy Cow" Dept; Denver Homeless Getting The Noonan "Full Detroit"

Not exactly 'My Man Godfrey', but not too far off, either.

Now, last week, that big chief Reagan Groupie, Peggy Noonan, used her column to sigh that she "didn't know the candidates" that there was a loss of "placeness" (see our "For Peggy Noonan, Next Stop, Willoughby!").

She also extended her foggy amnesia to the possible vice-presidents, and riffed this;

But part of me tugs for Tim Kaine of Virginia, because he has a wonderful American Man haircut, not the cut of the man in first but the guy in coach who may be the air marshal. He looks like he goes once every 10 days to Jimmy Hoffa's barber and says, "Gimme a full Detroit."
So, it appears the City of Denver was reading, and have been "placing" its' homeless into the barber's chair, to spiff them up with that "full Detroit", for the convention next week.

Homeless Get Cleaned Up With Free Haircuts For DNC
It seems to be a first -- don't move the homeless, clean them up. That was the work of one salon and the recipients didn't even seem to care if the Democrats were coming to town. Sly's Salon at 17th and Grant was offering free haircuts to the homeless Monday.

"To give them haircuts and make them all spiffed up for the Democratic National Convention, because they are part of our community as well," said Ghandia Gohnson, co-owner of Sly's Salon
All sounds nice, except there's also a competition, of sorts related to the homeless, in that, the city, apparently, would prefer they get their "full Detroits" and keep moving - out of town.

Some Homeless Believe A Crackdown Is On For DNC
One week before the Democratic National Convention, CBS4 cameras were rolling as police moved in on a group of homeless people. Some of the homeless believe police are cracking down because of the convention.

"Where are we going to hide our homeless during the convention? The short answer: We don't hide the homeless -- ever," Denver police and homeless advocates said in Denver's newspaper written by the homeless.

The city says it is encouraging the homeless to take part in the convention week activities for the public
"Encouraging the homeless to take part in the convention week activities ..."

I'm sure the DNC is thrilled to hear that

Yeah, right, just like our movie character, Godfrey Smith, some swank Dem convention goers will swing by and pick up some of these homeless and have the go to the swank parties as their guests.

Is that what the City of Denver has in mind?

And, are these free haircuts just for next week, during the time of the convention, or is it the beginning of a new, year-round, all-the-time, program?

You know, for all the hype, all the choreographed, coordinated "real moments", for all the obscene amounts of money required , and spent, for all the phony, hypocritical, compassion cities (and the convention itself) expend (such as, say, free haircuts for their homeless population), the two political parties should just go and rent out some studio back lots, and build their squeaky-clean sets for whatever their theme or visions are that given year, and spare all of us of this mockery.

I wonder, if the city is saying to its' homeless, as they uneasily slide into the barber chair, the same thing Irene says to Godfrey, regarding their pending marriage;
"Stand still, Godfrey, it'll all be over in a minute."

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Hey buddy, can you spare a movie ticket?

Bonus Bonus

If you want to avoid the over-produce ending to the Olympics, and the dog-and-pony show that will the Democratic Convention next week, and huddle up with a tremendous, classic screwball comedy, that go and get 'My Man Godfrey' (and, if you can, since it's been colorized, try to get the original B&W).

It's hysterical, with wonderful turns by William Powell and Carole Lombard (and any movie with the gravel-voiced Eugene Pallette is usually a winner) and, as noted on IMDB, "This is the only movie to ever get Oscar nominations for writing, directing and all four acting awards without being nominated for Best Picture. It's also the only movie to ever get those six nominations and lose them all."

Here's the opening 10-minutes, if you need a preview;

My Man Godfrey (1936) 1of9

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