Friday, August 15, 2008

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Problems Julia Child Had As An OSS Spy

News Item: Julia Child, spy? Records reveal Julia Child was a World War II-era spy

10. Called in often, asking if she could work from her kitchen

9. Whenever she was told of a need, Julia thought they meant "knead" and would go off on a tangent, for hours, about Tuscan breads

8. Kept annoying, making suggestions to, management, for a television show, introducing French spies to American audiences

7. Sending secret messages on cheese cloth made it difficult for her colleagues to read

6. Her super-secret code, if she was in trouble, was to serve fish for lunch, without the heads - which she loathed to do

5. Though she hid them well in her trench coat, Meat Tenderizer and Oven Thermometer were not approved OSS equipment

4. Didn't do well at stakeouts - noise and odor from cooking gave away her position

3. When running after suspects, wind would blow apron up over her face

2. Failed self-defense training - kept hitting instructor, simulating attack on her, over head with frying pan

1. When interrogating a suspect, spent inordinate amount of time grilling them for recipes

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