Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Would TouchDown Jesus Do - Revisited

Well, Well, Well ...

Some little Harvard Bushie (H/T No More Mister Nice Blog) doesn't want to cross the criminal enterprise (aka The Catholic Church), spurning Notre Dame's La-La-La award (for good little Catholics, who didn't, or don't, hold the church accountable for their crimes), so she writes a letter, surely to double as a guest-screening essay for the bookers at the Faux News Network, telling Notre Dame, that they can stick their baby-killing, church-dissing, Presidential honorary-award-winner, up their Irish Green asses.

Mary Ann Glendon, less than being honorable, and showing "guts" in kissing off the President, and University, seems more, that she was just lazy and didn't want to finish writing her speech;

Last month, when you called to tell me that the commencement speech was to be given by President Obama, I mentioned to you that I would have to rewrite my speech. Over the ensuing weeks, the task that once seemed so delightful has been complicated by a number of factors.
Hmmm ...

Knowing the powerhouse speeches President Obama is capable of delivering, perhaps the wannabe Flying Monkey might be a little intimidated.

You think, she would have, at least, called Notre Dame, and see if she could tweak the program, maybe, and have her give her speech first, before Obama's, that way, she wouldn't have to go on and mop up, speaking to a drained audience, who, likely, would be busy buzzing, talking to each other, about the speech Obama just delivered, rather than paying attention to her.

But maybe, she does have some juice.

David Brody, with that Christian rag, CBN News, at the end of his post about Glendon flying the coop, apparently is putting all of his money down that Notre Dame will simple give Obama a few bitch-slaps, and kick him off the program, now that Glendon screwed off and doesn't have a speech to give.
The question is this; when is enough enough? You have this incident plus so many Catholic Bishops raising objections. I mean at some point doesn’t this become such a distraction that it’s just not worth it? What’s the calculation here? Is there really any upside at this point
There's those pesky Bishops again.

Why isn't the world just bowing down and doing what the Bishops tell them to do?

You know, the way all those young children did, for all those years/decades, and far too many "Good Catholics" just turned their backs to the horrors.

Ah, but Obama, he knows how to zig, when the other side zags.

*** UPDATE *** “President Obama is disappointed by former Ambassador Mary Glendon’s decision," Spokeswoman Jennifer Psaki, "but he looks forward to delivering an inclusive and respectful speech at the Notre Dame graduation, a school with a rich history of fostering the exchange of ideas. While he is honored to have the support of millions of people of all faiths, he does not govern with the expectation that everyone sees eye to eye with him on every position, and the spirit of debate and healthy disagreement on important issues is part of what he loves about this country.”
You think you were going to out-speech me?

Oh yeah, Glendon also cited;
Finally, with recent news reports that other Catholic schools are similarly choosing to disregard the bishops’ guidelines, I am concerned that Notre Dame’s example could have an unfortunate ripple effect.
Somebody buy those "other Catholic Schools", a round of beers.

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