Wednesday, April 29, 2009

More TD Jesus ...Obama Should Punt

So says Kathleen Parker, wanna-be doyenne of the Right Wing Freak Show, in today's WaPo, last seen here on The Garlic, when she crassly wrote about the Homo-Erotic Edwards endorsement of Obama, playing her her head.

She intones, so seriously, numerous Flying Monkey Talking Points, in her "The Principle At Stake at Notre Dame", particularly hammering abortion and stem cells, painting the selfish invitation-accepting President, as "radical";

One needn't be a dedicated pro-lifer to understand the consternation Obama's invitation has caused. He is more radical than all previous presidents on the life issue, with his loosening of federal funding for abortion and embryonic stem cell research, as well as his campaign promise to pass the Freedom of Choice Act


Nevertheless, his abortion stance is in direct conflict with Catholic teaching. And no place symbolizes Catholics in America quite the way Notre Dame does.

Offering this backdrop and extending the school's imprimatur to Obama constitutes a wink and a nod to abortion. Why not throw a pig roast in Mecca? That was Glendon's point. By her symbolic gesture of self-denial, she demonstrates that faith is an act, not a motto.
"No place symbolizes Catholics in America quite the way Notre Dame?"

It's called a football team, that the school has done a Houdiniesque job at marketing, and establishing them as a perennial icon, Irish Green revenue stream.

But Parker saves her most ridiculousness for the end;
Obama might consider following Glendon's lead. Although he supports choice, the president also recognizes the moral complexity of those decisions. Out of respect for pro-life Catholics and their beloved institution, he should politely bow out.
As we pointed out yesterday, in President Obama's response to Mary Ann Glendon bagging out of the gig, Obama is not backing down, and is, to speak in the parlance of "the place that symbolizes Catholics in America, Notre Dame", going down field, and taking it to the end zone.

Be there, or Be Square, Kathleen Parker.

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