Sunday, April 26, 2009

Retro Garlic: Dana Perino's Glass Still Half-Full

Ah, it's almost as familiar, as ubiquitous, as comforting, as Linus's security blanket.

We speak of the brilliant, and brimming, intellect of former Bush Grindhouse mouthpiece, Dana Perino.

Satyam Khanna, at Think Progress caught her recent interview with Chip Reid, and our Glass-Half-Full Dana served up "An investigation would be a "political witch hunt," Perino said, claiming the interrogation program was actually "safe, effective, and legal."

Perhaps she hasn't noticed that she isn't working in The Bush Grindhouse any longer, that she actually can have days where the glass is half-empty, or, really go out on-a-limb, and go sans a glass, completely winging it.

Khanna also called her out, on Dana's little fib, of never saying she answered the question, if Waterboarding was torture;

Except Perino has weighed in on the issue, and all indications are that she has said that waterboarding is not torture. When repeatedly pressed by reporters on whether the Bush administration tortured, Perino consistently and robotically responded, "We do not torture." She uttered the phrase until the very end of her tenure, well after the CIA publicly admitted in February 2008 to waterboarding three detainees:

-- "Let me just make sure it's clear, and I'll say it on the record one more time, that it has never been the policy of this President or this administration to torture." [1/14/09]

-- "We did not torture." [11/18/08]

-- "The United States has not, is not torturing any detainees in the global war on terror." [4/23/08]
Maybe Dana is just staying in character, for her new gig, working with the man who "Blew the Presidency" for Hillary Clinton.

That's right, boys and girls, Half-Glass-Full Dana is now working for Mark Penn.

Let's hope, she can read maps better than Penn.

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