Friday, January 29, 2010

My God Can Do Anything

Could it have been anymore lopsided?

First to mind, how do you think The Commander Guy would have fared in something like what went down today?

It would have crashed YouTube, for days, weeks.

Maybe, Wilt Chamberlain, one-on-one, against Willie Shoemaker?

A Mantle-Maris Yankee team, versus the Bad News Bears?

We talk, of course, about THE EVENT, today, in Baltimore, with President Barack Obama taking on the PartyofNoicans, at the GOP House Issues Conference.

Unprecedented, in this country (and how many time did we have to hear about the free-for-alls they have over in England), for a President, to take on the opposition party, in public, on television (which the PartyofNoicans are surely flagellating themselves, like the Pope, for that one), freestyle, question-and-answers, no holds barred.

It's virtually unanimous that Obama cleaned their clocks, holding court, taking their PartyofNoican talking-point-barbs-and-smears-questions and swatting them away, as easily as he would shoo a fly.

Afterall, he was dealing with the dwarfs, finks, phonies and frauds that don't know whether to piss, or wind their watches.

We'll have links below, in case you missed it.

But one thing.

There are calls, all over the board, for this to be done again, make it a regular thing.

Fat Chance.

For, one, Obama put the PartyofNoicans in a box, in the spotlight, called them out, on national television, for their morphing into the PartyofNoicans, so that is going to make things very uncomfortable, moving forward, remaining the obstructionists.

The emperor has no clothes thing.

But, it's an election year, so they will adhere to being the PartyofNoicans, lest they do anything to endanger their thin hopes of vaunting back to their Permanent Majority fantasy.

While it was great theatre today, the PartyofNoicans, egged on by the Flying Monkeys of the Right Wing Freak Show, and growing army of Teabaggers, have a firm, four-year plan to do anything, and everything, to tear down Obama, and the Democrats.

They'll take up Obama, on his Bipartisanship Love-In, but will remain the PartyofNoicans, insisting Obama, and the Dems, accept any and all PartyofNocian proposals, no matter how poorly written, how cheap and ridiculous they may be, and, when Obama and the Dems balk, push back, it's back to the lies and smears on how they want to destroy the country, having the government enslave the planet.

So enjoy the buzz for a day, or two, and then it's back to the SOS.

In the meantime, we'll let Luther Barnes, and the Red Budd Gospel Choir (and, yes, we've used this tune before), sum up the day;

My God Can Do Anything

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