Monday, January 25, 2010

NYT Editorial Endorses The Garlic!

This happened a few days ago, and, as always, it's nice when some giant of the MSM gives a nod to The Garlic.

That being, since early last year, we took to referring to the former Republican Party, as the "PartyofNoicans".

Ah, New York Times Editorial, you want to step up front here;

The Party of Nope

Unabashedly feckless, the Republican Party aims to rise from the Congressional minority by brandishing a political agenda of just saying no. As in no to health care reform. (Their new senator-elect from Massachusetts, Scott Brown, ran outright on a promise to be the latest to shoot down health care.) No to global warming repairs; no to real reform of Wall Street; no, in fact, to any act of creative opposition.


Sooner or later constituents must wonder how far Republicans can take pure opposition as a political philosophy without offering believable program alternatives. The party should remember how Speaker Newt Gingrich got into a fight with the Clinton White House over the budget and debt limit, and then played a game of political chicken in which he precipitated a government shutdown in 1995. He did not fare well.

Speaking of Newt Gingrich, he's trying to assault the country - again - his big plans, a "new contract", unveiled on the lowly, feces-covered Right Wing Freak Show perch of NewsMax.

And, for all their crowing, about how "we're back", following the election last week, of a man who went to great pains not to identify himself, during the campaign, and his victory speech, as a "Republican", the PartyofNoicans have a long, long way to go;

Only 19% Of Americans Are Happy With The Direction Of The GOP

This, in the vernacular, would be classified, as a "Gimme", or more commonly, a "No-Brainer".

If the Democrats can't capitalize on this, exercise their power, as the majority, and do the right thing, heaven help us.

We've called on him often, Mister Wizard, but we will refrain ...

For now.

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