Thursday, January 28, 2010

Smooth Operator

Sorry, Garlic Fans, we're a bit under-the-weather this evening.

We've been battling against a nasty cough/cold thing the past week, and thought, with some meds from the Doc, and mucho rest, we turned the corner and left it behind two-days ago, but it has made a sneaky return today, leaving us less then feeling tip-top ready to dive into the boatload of juicy news.

We will touch on one here, the 33-Ring-Circus happening down in New Orleans, with Flying Monkey, Acorn-Bashing James O'Keefe, and his band of junior Flying Monkeys pulled a "WTF-we're-they-doing" in the offices of Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu, playing, what else, monkey-business with her phones.

James O'Keefe, as you may remember (or, if you went out on the World Wide Web today, discovered), was the phony pimp who, on the sly, recorded ACORN officials in some convoluted brothel scheme, solely so he could hawk edited footage to Faux News and his mentor, Flying Monkey Andrew Breitbart, bringing the wrath of the Right Wing Freak Show down on ACORN, and, I guess, proving that President Barack Obama is a socialist illegal alien.

In reality, all O'Keefe did was fuck hundreds-of-thousands of poor people, who depended on ACORN for all sorts of assistance and services, but that was just some of that "Compassionate Conservatism" in action.

I'm with Steve M, over on No More Mister Nice blog, that something is stinky fishy here.

Initial reports had these PartyofNoican Nitwits possibly wiretapping Landrieu's phones, but now, the meme is that they were just looking to get evidence, record her staff dissing conservatives trying to call the office, to register their complaints about Landrieu supporting Healthcare Reform.

Say What?

This is like a Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, "Hey gang, let's put on a show", on illegal, cheap steroids.

It smells of a late night, brain fart session of "Duh, what do we do if we get caught?"

Lots more to play out on this, but we do have to throw one out, to this worthy-of-Ignorant-Dolt-status gang.

I think we'll go with the Mongo Santamaria (con the Fania All Stars) version.

Mongo SantamarĂ­a - Smooth Operator

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GDAEman said...

Truly bizzaro, the O'Keefe & Co. stunts. Gotta admit they have chutzpah... if only it were directed without the brain farts.