Thursday, February 17, 2005

Top Ten Things ESPN Will Replace NHL Hockey With (and get better ratings)

10. Sports Center - The Movie!

9. Beyond The Game: Behind The Make-Up; The Dark History of Rodeo Clowns

8. 2005 Division 3 Intramural Freshman Ping Pong Championship

7. Inside Sports Special: ESPN follows writer Peter Gammons, who takes steroids and writes 3-million-page history of sports

6. The Checkered Flag - Are the fumes from the high-powered Formula One racecars killing it's audience? ESPN takes a look

5. Let's Get Ready To … Spell! - ESPN places boxing ring announcer Michael Buffer in the National Spelling Bee contest

4. Monster Truck Slam Dunk - Customized vehicles driven by NBA stars, trying to put themselves through gigantic baskets

3. Up Close and Personal: Roy Firestone takes steroids, interviews himself for sixteen-hours

2 Ayatollah Texas Hold'em - ESPN rounds up the top clerics and sits them down in Las Vegas for a three-day tournament

1. Celebrity Log Rolling - Week 1 pits Kelly Rippa versus Al Roker

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