Monday, February 14, 2005

Top Ten Ways Howard Dean Will Revitalize The Democratic Party

10. Ban any and all Massachusetts politicians from running for President

9. Launch Prell Grants - All college students to have clean hair; Win votes of their parents

8. Teach all candidates to scream the State names

7. Dump those pecker-headed, 'Live-Free-or-Die radicals in New Hampshire; Move first
primary to Vermont

6. Pay-off the Swift Boat Veterans to pick on the Republican candidates

5. Promise to pack the Supreme Court with cast members from the O.C.

4. Coach all Democratic candidates to lie, cheat and distort facts just as good as the Republicans

3. Pay-off Al Gore not to endorse any Democatic candidates

2. Add free porn to the DNC website

1. Make note; Get Democratic Nominee's brother elected Governor of Florida before
Presidential election

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