Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Other Than Saying They Were Kidnapped, Stories Runaway Brides Can Use

10. Have new job as Quality Inspector for Greyhound Bus Lines that requires travel

9. Got subpeona to testify before Congress on steroids in baseball

8. You know the saying; When you runaway to Albuquerque … You stay in Albuquerque

7. That Wendy's in San Jose is ripe - Say I found wedding ring in chili; Get enough cash for house downpayment

6. Hey, Tom DeLay can take trips and not have to answer to anyone!

5. Since you wouldn't buy me an iPod, headed to New York City, to ride the subway and steal me one ...

4. Had plans to move to Florida after the wedding, anyway, so I can shoot anyone I want

3. Julia Roberts is busy with her new kid - Thought to get a jumpstart on being cast in the sequel, Runaway Bride II

2. Taking trip to Alaska - before President Bush starts drilling the shit out of it ...

1. Didn't you hear? It's a new Reality TV show - Punk'd Fiances!

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