Friday, May 06, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things Ann Coulter Would Be Saying If She Were An Over-The-Top Liberal Democrat

10. Poor Princess Diana … It wouldn't surprise me at all for it to come out that the CIA and MI5 killed her

9. I think anorexia should be classified as a disease and treatment should be covered by medical plans and HMO's

8. Let Bush have his daughters serve on the front lines and let's see if he keeps lying about the need for this war

7. "Woman like Kay Bailey Hutchison and Bay Buchanan are basically Anna Nicole Smith from the waist down - They're whores."

6. If we put one more innocent person to death, because of the archaic death penalty, we should execute the judge and jury too

5. I know what we can do with Tom DeLay - A public flogging … That'll get his ethics straight

4. We have to stop - at all cost, by any measure - the Republicans from dismantling the New Deal

3. You could say that George Bush is a dick with ears, but that may be an insult to penises

2. I don't blame that young bride-to-be from running away; Her husband-to-be looks like a bible-thumping Republican

1. Can't wait to start my new show on Air America Radio, with my co-host, Bill Clinton

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