Wednesday, June 01, 2005

News In Brief 1 June 2005

Haig Stood In-The-Ready If Felt Backed Down

Former Nixon Staffer Okay To Take "Deep Throat" Rap

A small side drama played out in Washington yesterday as former Nixon Chief-of-Staff, General Alexander Haig, stood in the wings to step in and declare that he was "Deep Throat", in the event Mark Felt decided not to go through with it.

"I heard, throught the grapevine that this was coming down" offered Haig. "So I contacted Bob Woodward and told him that I could take control of the situation, if necessary".

Haig was the subject of criticism and ridicule, when, in 1981, serving as Ronald Reagan's Secretary of State, following the assassination attempt on Reagan, Haig declared that "I'm in control here".

"I didn't want to do that again", declared Haig, "but I am ready"

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