Friday, June 03, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: What The Michael Jackson Jury Will Talk About When They Get The Case

10. Think he'd be up for paying each of us millions to let him go?

9. Anybody else got a book deal yet?

8. I wish Liz Taylor showed up to testify - I wanted to see if she's as big as everyone says

7. Why couldn't we get the Runaway Bride case …That would be a lot more fun

6. I liked his pajamas - do you think I can get them at a store or are they custom-made?

5. Okay, that's 12-0 in favor of getting chimps to do our housework

4. Was that Gary Coleman or was it his kid?

3. I don't think I can ever drink wine again without calling it "Jesus Juice"

2. You can bet, his first day in prison, someone will be dangling him of the third floor tier

1. When we reach our verdict, let's moonwalk back into the courtroom

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