Thursday, June 02, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things Mark Felt Is Admitting

10. J. Edgar Hoover's dress size was a 22

9. He kinda likes the blue tinge that his Viagra pills give him

8. That he, not Al Gore, invented the Internet

7. Voted for Bo Brice last week

6. He was on the grassy knoll in Dallas on November 22nd, 1963 and did see shots fired from it

5. Dan Rather was under constant FBI surveillance to see if he really knew "the frequency"

4. FBI kept a file on everyone who solved Rubik's Cube

3. Pet Rock was really a FBI Behavioral Science operation to build a list of liberals and subversives

2. The FBI "encouraged" General Hospital to put Luke and Laura together as a means to suppress woman

1. He knew weeks before the general public who shot J.R.

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