Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Things G. Gordon Liddy Would Like To See Happen Now That "Deep Throat" Is Exposed

10. Can pull the plug on the wiretaps and surveillance for Woodward and Bernstein

9. Still has a team that can abduct and "cancel with extreme prejudice" Mark Felt

8. Believes Bush Administration would do better with more break-ins - and he's ready to volunteer

7. Continue to harass John Dean

6. Cancel the contract on Alexander Butterfield

5. Ignore the news - stick to the story … Ignore the news - stick to the story

4. Tell Colson to shut down the church and get back to business

3. Get some sit-down time with Karl Rove to discuss his "career options"

2. Hmmm … Maybe it's time to cash-in on that 18-1/2 minutes of tape

1. Can stop harassing Hal Holbrook

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