Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Best Phone Plan For Russell Crowe

10. Hey, what's the problem? It's perfectly normal in Australia, to hurl telephones at hotel concierges

9. Reach out and #$@C&% touch someone - with a telephone to the face

8. Let your fingers do the walking - or throwing a telephone at a concierge

7. I'll tell ya' mate, at least he knows now that it wasn't #$@C&% Avon calling …

6. Can you #$@C&% hear me now!

5. Dial and Duck Plan

4. One with the special 'Call Forwarding - 'All the way across the room' plan

3. Friends and #$@C&% Family!

2. One that offers, instead of reward points, bail money

1. A plan with 'Anytime Minutes' to throw the telephone at 'Anyone You Want'

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