Friday, June 10, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Other Ways Howard Dean Plans On Annoying The Republicans

10. Start podcasting all of President Bush's misstatements and mispronunciations

9. Convince Senate Democrats to filibuster the rest of the session and hold-up the Bush Agenda, just to piss them off

8. Tie up Ken Mehlman under the Freedom of Information Act that he prove all the honest livings made by Republicans

7. Boldly blame the Republicans for killing Terri Schiavo

6. Enroll President Bush in Hooked On Phonics program

5. Start spreading the rumor that the Democrats may nominate Bill Moyers in 2008

4. Blame the Republicans and their lack-of-diversity for New York City losing the Olympics

3. Plan Justice Saturdays so they can get the jump on the Sunday press coverage

2. Admit he misspoke; Meant to say that all Republicans are godless infidels

1. Edit the Paris Hilton commercial to show her giving Dick Cheney a soapy sponge bath

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