Thursday, June 09, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things That Make Barbara Walters Uncomfortable

10. How that punk, Corey Clark, dumped her to have an affair with Paula Abdul

9. That she's going to end up doing a Gossip show on the Fox News Network

8. Getting chewed out and yelled at by John Bolton

7. Getting hit with a telephone thrown by Russell Crowe

6. That Tom Cruise dumped her for that young chippy Katie Holmes

5. Seeing Hugh Downs in the make-up room, in his skivee's

4. Katie Couric getting all the glory for the 'Today' program

3. How the cast of 'The View' regularly abuses the Koran but they haven't got caught yet

2. Having to audition for that Carl's Jr. commercial and losing out to Paris Hilton

1. Seeing men breastfeeding on airplanes

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