Thursday, September 15, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: How Martha Stewart Would Have Responded To Hurricane Katrina If She Ran FEMA

10. Ways to spice up those MRE's with two commonly-found ingredients

9. A whole show on the benefits of Hydro-Farming versus regular In-Ground Farming

8. Warn of the dangers of doing any illegal stock deals during the crises; They'll catch you!

7. Can really experiment and play with the potpourri to ward off the foul smells

6. Chance to scold viewers for not making those jars of preserves last year

5. Has a design, in three, easy steps to turn your blown-off roof into a garden patio

4. Show how the people in the Superdome could have used the fabric of the seat covers to temporarily repair roof

3. Would have had National Guard wear lightweight cotton outfits for better ventilation and coolness

2. Six ways to make your new tent home opulent and inviting

1. Launch a new line of Martha Stewart Waders and Flood Gear

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