Monday, September 12, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Tough Questions The Senate Will Ask John Roberts

10. Are there any laws that can be applied to R Kelly for the awful MTV Award Show performance?

9. Who's his favorite Desperate Housewife?

8. Does he know the location of Vice President Cheney's Secret Bunker?

7. Has he ever seen President Bush in denial?

6. Did he ever use steroids and, does he know of any other judges on steroids?

5. Any truth in the rumor that he wants to change the Court's start date to First Monday in February?

4. Would he uphold the conviction if the Bush Administration goes after Kayne West?

3. Has he ever considered an operation to prevent him from smiling all the time?

2. Did he have to promise to overturn Roe v. Wade
in order to get the Chief Justice spot?

1. Was he surprised the levees broke in New Orleans?

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