Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Top Ten Cloves: Reasons President Bush Took Responsibility For Federal Response To Hurricane Disaster

10. Has a bet with Andy Card it will put him on the cover of Time Magazine next week

9. Thought about blaming Kofi Annan but that ship already sailed

8. It's part of his 12-Step Program

7. Figured by doing it, he won't have to launch investigation

6. The "higher father" told him to do it

5. Needs to keep Chertoff around to blame for next hurricane

4. Rove told him his approval rating will bump up by, at least, five-points

3. If he gets sued, knows soon-to-be-Chief Justice Roberts will get him off the hook

2. Can't have Cheney do it; Would blow the doors open on all those Halliburton deals

1. Heard a rumor that Tony Perkins and James Dobson were planning 'Bush Screwed Up Sunday'

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