Friday, March 10, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Other Things That NASA's Cassini May Find On Saturn's Moon Enceladus

10. A 65-million-year-old water slide park

9. All the old Apple Newton computers

8. The real, true secrets of the "The Da Vinci Code"

7. Quite inexplicably, photos of Paris Hilton

6. The answer to ABC News’s anchor problems

5. Really cool loofahs that would make Bill O’Reilly shout out Keith Olbermann’s name to get one

4. Ports being managed by Dubai Ports World with absolutely no problems

3. A handful of people, the only ones in the universe, who believe that Barry Bonds didn’t use steroids

2. The original Jolt Cola factory

1. A town, the exact replica of Groom Lake, Nevada, and known only as Area 50

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