Sunday, March 05, 2006

Vote For The Garlic!

The Garlic Nabs 4th Nomination; Koufax Voting Now Open

Good Morning Garlic Fans

Following up from last week, the voting for the Koufax Awards has begun - and we picked up a fourth nomination - for "Most Humorous Blog"

So, please, use the links below to bring you there directly, or next time you're out on line, take a few moments, and if so disposed, please consider voting for The Garlic.

Once there, scroll (or zoom) down to the comments section. A simple matter of filling in your name (or a name) and a valid email address. Then, in the comment box, simply write "The Garlic" (if you feel the urge to embellish your vote with a compliment or kind word, we won't stop you - but it’s the vote that will count)

Hopefully, enough votes will come this way to get The Garlic into the semi-finals.

Oh yeah … Don't forget to pass this along to friends, family and any other hip people you know. You can send an email of this post by clicking the envelope at the bottom of this post

Many thanks for your consideration and support

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