Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard While Iran Was Enriching Uranium

News Item: Iran Announces Plans to Expand Nuclear Program

10. I hope that, if they do sanctions on us, that the don’t block that “American Idol” show on satellite

9. I’m pulling a double-shift tomorrow ... I have to drive a bunch of terrorists into Iraq before I come in here

8. I don’t know how good their equipment will be, but the Russians sure can make some good Vodka

7. Don’t worry about safety – I’ve been watching and studying that Jane Fonda film about “Three Kilometer Island

6. I heard that the Americans are going to make all their Illegal Aliens join the Army so they can invade us

5. Hey, were your shoes glowing when we first came in here?

4. I wonder why Aljazeera didn’t go after Katie Couric ... She’s not going to fit in there at CBS

3. If something happens, and we get killed doing this, how many virgins do we get?

2. How many broken down trailers are we going to place around the desert for Bush to find?

1. When do we announce that we’ve signed a contract with Halliburton?

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