Monday, April 10, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ways The White House Celebrated Iraqi Freedom Day

News Item: Iraqi Freedom Day

10. Served cake in the shape of a mushroom cloud

9. Former CIA Director George Tenet come in for symbolic slam dunk of Oval Office Nerf Basketball

8. Watched the first screening of White House Iraq Group’s new special highlights DVD

7. Had new banner made – “Mission Almost Accomplished”

6. Played drinking game – Everyone had to name one of the “thousand tactical errors” or down a Jello shot

5. All business - Ordered everybody in on a Sunday to work on plans for “Iran Freedom Day”

4. For entertainment, had Vice President Cheney do his “Insurgency In Final Throes” routine

3. Played along as President Bush kept classifying and declassifying the party

2. Asked Judge in Hussein trial for One-Day Pass, so Saddam could be toppled, live, for Iraqi television reenactment

1. President Bush sought input about naming Harriet Meirs to replace Ibrahim al-Jaafari as Prime Minister

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