Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Developing Story! Bush Use Of Electronic Signal May Have Been Employed To Lull Opponents

Breaking News!

White House Being Investigated For Using Mosquito-like Device On Congress, Media

Frequency Employed Allowed Bush Team To Sell War, Avoid Laws and Stymie Prosecutor

Word coming out of Washington this morning is better hold off on those Karl Rove ‘Victory” parties.

Sources tell the Garlic that the Justice Department has opened an investigation, brought on by an undisclosed law suit, as to the White House’s use of a Mosquito-like device that lulled Congress and members of the media

The electronic signal, now being marketed to teens, to avoid adult detection on their use of cell phones, is said to have allowed the Bush White House to sell the Iraqi War, bypass and avoid following the law with their Domestic Surveillance Program and may have been used by Karl Rove, in his Grand Jury testimony, to stymie Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald.

It is being said that the Mosquito-like device used by the White House, allowed backers and supporters of the President to hear the correct message being delivered, and those opposed to the President, hearing something completely different. The frequency of the device, which could be adjusted for better effect, also is accused of being able to lull opponents of the President into not taking any action against his policies, or researching and investigating any of their behaviors.

“This has tremendous implications for the industry,” offered Tony Wendice, whose company, Swann Enterprises, tracks and trades futures for ring tones. “If it is found that President Bush used the signal for nefarious purposes, it could have a vast impact of its’ adoption in the marketplace for consumers.

More as additional information and details come in ...

An investigation is being launched into the Bush White House, for the possible use of an electronic signal device, similar to the Mosquito that is now being marketed to teens, that may have lulled Congress and members of the Media

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