Monday, June 26, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Ways Roger Ailes and Fox News Plans On Ending Its’ Ratings Slump

News Item: Ailes Cracks Whip as Fox News Slips

10. Build up more buzz – Get all present and former Fox News hosts to slam and insult Helen Thomas

9. Steal Rita Cosby back from MSNBC

8. Have Hannity & Colmes switch ideologies (Risky, being that Hannity can’t help still coming off as a pinhead )

7. Get WaPo columnist Richard Morin to balance things out, and say the Neil Cavuto is an “Enemy of Democracy

6. Build-up for November Sweeps, Prime-Time Special of Britt Hume taking the stick out of his butt and auction off stick on eBay


4. Ann Coulter, 7/24/365!

3. Allow John Gibson to go on air, without taking his medication

2. Teach Bill O’Reilly how to use facts in his arguments

1. Save some budget and just run with the Fake News Items that the Bush people put out... Oh shoot! ...We’re already doing that ...

Fox News, in an effort to boost their sagging ratings, may let news anchor John Gibson on-air, without his medication

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