Friday, June 30, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard On President Bush’s Trip To Graceland

News Item: Bush Takes Koizumi for Tour of Graceland

10. I can just see the World Weekly News next week ... Photo of Bush and Elvis, and a screaming headline of “Elvis Says Don’t Be Cruel; Tells Bush To Get Troops Home”

9. You know we’re going to hear it from Dobson and Falwell, for not taking Koizumi to a Christian Rock shrine

8. After Graceland, can we go visit Star Jones?

7. The King of Thailand plays saxophone and gives us a concert ... This cowboy, after seeing my iPod with all of Elvis’s song, gives me a jukebox with all of Elvis’s songs ... No wonder he’s so low in the polls

6. I don’t think the Japanese appreciated the autographed picture of the dead Zarqawi the President gave them

5. I’m sorry Mr. Prime Minister ... We know how much you wanted to visit it, however, the President doesn’t have time today to visit the Supreme Court

4. He keeps asking to see the freezer with $90,000 in it

3. Did you see the look on Koizumi’s face as we walked to Air Force One? ... I think he thought we were going to drop in, unannounced, to Baghdad again

2. Karl, don’t say anything ... I’m sure it’s just part of his daily routine to to read ‘The New York Times

1. I heard Cheney likes to lounge around in his Secret Bunker, wearing shades, long sideburns and a sequined jumpsuit

Visiting Graceland, once home of the iconic legend Elvis Presley, President George W. Bush and Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi check-out some of the late King’s sequined jumpsuits, said to be a favorite of Vice President Dick Cheney, while lounging in his Secret Bunker

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