Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things Overheard In Senate Yesterday, During Flag Burning Debate and Vote

News Item: Not Quite the Banner Day One Might Have Hoped For

10. I motion that we have the Sergeant-At-Arms burn a flag right now, here on the floor, so we can see just how offensive it is

9. What happens if I have a flag in my house, and my house goes up in flames? Do I still get fined or go to jail?

8. Is it true what I heard ... Anyone that votes against it, has to go hunting with Dick Cheney?

7. What do we do, if we catch a flag burner, who is an illegal immigrant, and also part of a same-sex marriage?

6. You know, it doesn’t really matter – Bush will just issue another Signing Statement on whatever he wants about the flag

5. I heard the Leadership is going to submit a resolution, to protect Frist from burning his own bridges

4. Before I vote, I need to know is this to protect the American flag, or all flags?

3. No, we can’t use “Either your for it, or against it” – That’s, exclusively, the President’s line about the War On Terror

2. Why don’t we, instead of changing the Constitution, just pass a law that says they have to make flags out of flame-retardant material?

1. We got a pool going ... Before the end-of-the-day, either Cheney, Rove or Mehlman will leak a story that they have flag-burning rituals up at The New York Times

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