Friday, July 07, 2006

Breaking News! Lieberman Pledges To Support “Whichever Party Elects Me”

Post-Debate Bombshell - Lieberman Announces Plan C – Will Run In All 50 States

Hires Nader For ‘Underdog” Experience; Pledges To Support “Whichever Party Elects Me”

Moments after his debate last evening, against gaining challenger Ned Lamont, Senator Joe Lieberman (D-CT) dropped a bombshell, announcing a new, “Plan C” that will see the embattled Senator seek ballot placement in all 50 states.

In taking this unprecedented move to gain a seat in the Senate, Lieberman indicated he will update his platform to “supporting whichever party that elects me.”

The Lieberman camp denied that the move to run in all 50 states was a financial one.

Potentially, with regards to how Lieberman would be placed on the ballots of individual states, he could draw campaign funds from both Democrats and Republicans

Nader Aboard But In Mexico ...

With the move comes the hiring of “public citizen” Ralph Nader, for what the Lieberman Campaign says is his “underdog” experience.

A spokesperson for Mr. Nader would not confirm or deny the reports about joining the Lieberman campaign. Reporters and other media were advised that Nader was “in Mexico”,canvassing to be placed on the ballot in the recount of last weeks’ Presidential election.

“I’ll give them my all,” said the three-term Senator. “You’ll be electing Joe Lieberman, not George Bush ... I know George Bush, I worked with George Bush ... I lost to George Bush ... You get Joe Lieberman with your vote – lock, stock and barrel, and with no strings.”

Lamont Stamps Lieberman With ‘Bush”

For Lamont, who is running a grassroots campaign, and with strong support from the blogosphere, Lieberman’s strings are long, and being pulled by President Bush.

Focusing his challenge against Lieberman on the Senator’s support of the President’s polices for the War in Iraq, Lamont has hammered, both on the campaign trail, and again in last night’s debate, of Lieberman being a “rubber stamp” for the President, and praising him “when he should have been asking the tough questions."

In the heated Senate votes last month, Lieberman voted against the Feingold-Kerry Bill calling for a withdrawal from Iraq and then angered Democrats by also voting against the Reed-Levin Bill calling for President Bush to develop an Iraq Exit Strategy.

Last week, Lieberman announced his “Plan B”, that if he loses the primary race against Lamont, he will file to get on the November General Election ballot as a “Petitioning Democrat”, or as Lieberman said “unaffiliated.” Officially, Lieberman would appear on the ballot as a Independent.

In justifying the move, Lieberman indicated that "I have loyalties that are greater than those to my party."

To run as an Independent, Lieberman has caused a stir within the ranks of the Democratic Party.

Dean: Lieberman’s Become ‘The Brother-in-Law You Can’t Stand”

While, officially, the DNC, and leading Democrats all say they will support Lieberman in the primary, all have hedged on any support – with the exception of Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY), who clearly stated she will support the primary candidate “elected by Connecticut Democrats” – for Lieberman’s run as a Independent, despite his statements that he would continue to vote Democratic.

He’s really screwing us,” bellowed DNC Chairman Howard Dean. “He’s become that brother-in-law you can’t stand but have to put up with. I hope he loses so we can give him our own kiss.

“This is going to be of epic proportions,” said David Aaronson, editor of 'What Color Is My Coat Today?', the Capital Hill Newsletter that tracks politicians who turn on their own party.

Lieberman’s long been a closet Republican ... Before Gore chose him for the 2000 ticket,” said Aaronson. “The RNC is licking their chops, for the day Lieberman changes that ‘D” or “I” to an “R.”

Delay’s Seat or Blair’s Throne In Sights

In a move Lieberman campaign officials say is separate, both from running as an Independent, and running in all 50 states, the Senator has written a “Friend of The Court” letter to U.S. District Judge Sam Sparks, seeking permission to replace former Majority Leader, the indicted Tom Delay, who Sparks ruled yesterday that Delay must remain on the November 7th ballot, despite his resignation from Congress.

“The Senator feels,” said the campaign official, “that this is a fallback position, in the event he doesn’t win the primary at home, or if he fails in any of the other states. He’d be happy to get elected to serve in the House.”

Though chances are sharply increased to winning a seat in any of the 50 states, the Lieberman campaign hinted that, if the worst happens, and they come up empty, the Senator may look at some “international opportunities.”

“Look, we already know of one,” said the campaign official. “Tony Blair has announced he’s stepping down. If the British want to keep the continuity of having a leader that is close to George Bush, then Joe’s their man.”

Senator Joe Lieberman is going after his own “Mission Accomplished” moment, announcing a “Plan C” to get placed on the ballot in all 50 states as a means to retain his seat in the Senate

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