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Poll Results - Cheney/Rice Beat Out Coulter ... The Garlic's Weekly Poll June 25 - July 1 2006 ... New Special July 4th Holiday Poll

Another spirited week of voting, on The Garlic’s Weekly Poll ...

Last week, we asked: The Sears Tower Terrorist Plot uncovered this week is likely to ... Ann Coulter ran neck-and-neck with the combo of Dick Cheney and Condi Rice, but in the end, the Bush Administrations’ dynamic duo pulled through ...

The Results

1. Have Dick Cheney and Condi Rice reprise their “Mushroom Cloud” speeches 30%

2. Get Ann Coulter cracking on a new book, criticizing the “Widows of Sears Tower” 29%

3. Be the first of a wave of “Home-Grown Terrorist” warnings from the Bush Administration between now and Mid-Term Elections in Fall 27%

4. Force Sears into admitting that “America Doesn’t Shop Here” anymore 14%

This week’s Poll - For the July 4th Holiday, celebrating the birth of our country, President Bush should ....

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(1) Condoleezza Rice would give birth to morally-right Protestant WASP led Petro-pax Americana, which the enemies of USA and Hilary Campaign managers would consider a Monster, because it would erode the Kissinger-Albright religious right conservative conspiracy.
(2) It is OK for Israel to act like a Trojan Horse to tempt Iran come out openly to fight Israel and USA so that Iran could meet the fate of Iraq.
(3) Israel does not have the fighting capability to finish off
Arabs in Lebanon as Israel is small power. However, Israel must not become a sacrificial lamb in the conspiracy hatched by Kissinger-Albright duo to support hillary Clinton's 2008 presidential campaign.
(4) Condi is in the Conflagration because 2006 is the right time for the start of the "World War Three" as any delay would only empower Islamic nuclear bomb to cause Christian-Islamic armageddon.
(5) Condi Rice represents the political interests of the people of USA and has no hidden religious or ethnic or foreign agenda.
(6) Chinese and ASEAN Asians have learnt to respect Black woman Condi Rice, who would not sell US interests in exchange for Chinese campaign donations.
(1) The geopolitical perspective of "Third World War" of black woman secretary Condoleezza Rice or that her predecessor Colin Powel is fundamentally different from that of Secretaries Kissinger, Brzezinski and Albright. Bush Administrations defined its foreign policy goals in terms of strengthening America’s Energy Security and control over OPEC oil and gas reserves. Bush Administration is not concerned about promoting the religious interests of Papacy, Judeo Christianity, Judaism and Wahhabi Islam. The religious interests of Reformed Christianity take precedence over interests of Papacy, Judeo-Christianity and Judaism in the US State Department.
(2) In the "World War Three" United States shall help Israel only when Israel is a willing instrument for the promotion of the national interests of the WASP-led USA. The national interests of USA takes precedence ofer that of Israel, as Israel is just 60 year old nation and UAE, Qatar and Bahrain are just 35 year old nations. It is OK if Israel wants to expand Petro-War to include Lebanon as a Trojan Horse to tempt Iran make a mistake so that President Bush may directly invade, occupy and colonize Iranian Oil as it did in Iraq. However if Israel is embarking upon starting the Lebanon War to weaken black woman Secretary Condoleezza Rice and to sabotage Yankee war-plans on Iran, as a part of the Kissinger-Albright conspiracy to protect theocracy in Iran, which was created by president Carter, than United States should not mind throwing Israel baby to wolves. Israel must learn that Isreal was established by British secret services to control Islamic oil resources.
(3) In the "World War Three" the Republican Neocons seeks to promote the national interests of Petro-Pax-American Empire and are no longer mouthpiece of Israel. The Catholic religious right conservative conspiracy, Judeo-Christianity and White House Arabists that profited by OPEC have joined forces with Kissinger-Brzezinski duo to sabotage Yankee resolve to bring Theocratic Iran under the control of White House, as it unraveled the President Jimmy Carter’s conspiracy that installed Ayatollah Khomeini in Tehran. The conquest and occupation of oil-rich Iran is in the national interest of the United States. Israel, Lebanon and Syria do not have oil and gas and are important only so long as they help or hinder the Yankee conquest of Iran and control of OPEC oil gas reserves. The creation of Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Israel and Pakistan at the behest of the secret services of Britain and USA served the sole purpose for USA-UK control over Arabian oil resources, and it continued to this date.
(4) Kissinger-Albright doctrine harms Yankee petro-interests in the "Third World War." The Kissinger-Albright duo alarmed by the brilliance of Dr. Rice conspiring to undermine the foreign policy of second Bush Administration by stage-managing the Israeli wild card, simply to protect Iranian theocracy that president Carter created in partnership of France and Germany and undermined American influence over Iran as Shah of Iran was a American puppet. Secretary Rice should undertake counter measures to the conspiracy currently hatched by Kissinger, Albright, France and Germany. Remember the publication of the Prophet cartoons at the time of earliar Bush admonishing of Iran. The Israeli attacks on Lebanon and publication of Prophet’s cartoon could be plots of the pro-Iran lobby and Kissinger-Albright duo and Hillary Clinton’s campaign.
(5) Black woman Secretary Dr. Condoleezza Rice is the best Secretary of State had during last 4 decades and she is a better geopolitician and diplomat than former secretaries, namely, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brzezinski and Madeleine Albright. Dr. Rice is competent to lead USA and win the World War Three. The United States should fight the "World War Three" now in 2006 or 2007 before Iran developed nuclear weapons. Any delay in the start of the World War Three woulc harm the national and geopolitical interests of USA, Britain, India, China, European Union and Japan.
(6) The World War Three has started just as former Speaker professor of History Newt Gingrich declared. The purpose of the World War Three is to control and occupy the oil and gas reserves of Middle Eastern OPEC oil and gas resources before rival great powers preempts the move. The World War Three is not a war among great powers. The World War Three is a war waged by world powers to invade, conquer and colonize OPEC nations. The interests of Israel matter only so long as it helps promote the Yankee petro interests and nothing more. The sole purpose of Republican Neocons is to promote the interests of Petro-Pax Americana and Secretary Rice is hegemon promoting Petro-Neocon interest of the USA. Hindu India supports the Protestant United States dreams of Petro-Pax-Americana, Crusades of Democracy, Export of Democratic Utopia and rise of Imperial America. God bless Imperial America in Aquarius Age. The Allied Coalition led by Allied Powers United States, Britain and India would win the World War Three, which is not a war among world powers but a war to control, occupy and colonize OPEC oil and gas reserves. President Bush and secretary Rice team as the Agency of History shall lead the United States to the pinnacle of glory and power in alliance with India and Britain. Brown Hindu India fully supports Secretary Rice and protestant president Bush.
Diplomat Kalki Gaur
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