Monday, July 24, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Possible Reasons President Bush Reluctant To Call For Cease-Fire

News Item: Saudi Arabia Asks U.S. to Intervene in Lebanon

10. Depend on what you mean by the word “cease”

9. Need to keep bombs dropping and bullets flying until, at least, after the Fall Mid-Term Elections

8. I know Kenny Mehlman meant well, but, technically, it’s not really our war

7. Since July is typically a slow news month, throwing the Cable News guys a bone

6. Waiting for media to label Israel with employing “Cowboy Diplomacy” before jumping in

5. Need to destroy Lebanon to the point that only Halliburton would be qualified to get the rebuilding contract

4. Good opportunity to practice our evacuation procedures, in case New Orleans floods again before I leave office

3. Haven’t heard anything about any Marines raping and killing Iraqis, have you?

2. Needs time to give Israel access codes to CIA Black Site Prisons for captured Hezbollah

1. Dick Cheney, William Kristol and the rest of the PNAC crowd hasn’t said its time yet

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