Friday, July 28, 2006

Top Ten Cloves: Things About The Democrats Call for a New Direction and “Six-For-06”

News Item: Picnics, Pig Roasts, and New "New Directions": Dems Gear Up For November

10. Let me guess ... You win back the House or Senate and it quickly shifts to “Eight For 08”?

9. I get it ... “Six For 06” is what William Jefferson plans on keeping in his freezer next year

8. On the ‘Six For 06” thing, better bring a few extra for John Kerry; You know he’ll take one, put it back and take another ...

7. “Six For 06” is brilliant - Republican Leadership will think that’s only the number of days they will have to sit in session

6. Actually, “Six For 06” is really mocking Bush Justice Department, on the number of terrorist they settle on that they nabbed in the Miami raid last month

5. ‘Six For 06” should be 1.Bush 2. Cheney 3. Rove 4. Libby 5. WMD’s 6. Lies

4. “Six For 06” sounds more like Exxon’s sales forecast for the average price of a gallon of gasoline next year

3. Is “Six For 06” really a direction, a platform, or is it the number of races Joe Lieberman will be registered in as a candidate

2. Pig Roast? Man, that’s a major coup, getting Cheney to show up at a Democratic event ...

1. Maybe, by around Day 50 Before The Mid-Terms, someone can remind the Dems how to pronounce “Iraq”

Neither the DNC, nor eBay would confirm that the newly-announced Democrats “Six For 06” plan was recently purchased at the on-line auction marketplance

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